The Men are in the cellar, The women manage, all together they communicate a wine philosophy, transmitted fromMichel. A philosophy which involve a taste memory. A sensitivity acquired by tasting, eating anywhere, developing an olfactive and gustative palett, filled with respect and tolerance. All in all, not a theoretical conception of wine.

“By never stopping tasting in the best winemakers cellars, we learn the great wine “culture”, essential ingredient to understand wine and “terroirs”… Michel Tardieu

“Famille Tardieu has become one of the best micro-negociant in Rhone Valley. Nowadays, Bastien and Michel are exploring the vineyards to find grapes from very old vines, often located in the historical heart of each appelation. Then the link is made with the wine-grower, from the vine to the harvest. A real mutation has occured on the last vintages : large quantities casks, whole bunches vinification for some “Cuvées” and moreover, a leisurely ageing. You touch the sublime at each bottle.” Bettanne & Desseauve 2017